Forthcoming this September, Dylan Chase AKA Caffeine serves up a frothy EP of 4 well-roasted heaters on Florida-based label, French Press Lounge. Following tunes from label owner Blair Sound Design and Saki, Caffeine’s EP is a well rounded and fully realised nod to 90s rave and hardcore sounds, situating them in a modern context that feels organically inspired and influenced by the era, rather than the sort of wholesale copy and paste and job that has become the trend of late.

No exception to this, D. Tiffany’s remix of ‘Birth Of Ya’ is a heavily percussive affair, offering up a hyperactive soundscape that feels dense without sounding cluttered – the transformation takes it from low-BPM, slinking breaks to solid 4-to-the-floor dance banger. Beginning with trademark Roland drum work, the Vancouver producer lays down a quantised bedrock of jackin’ kicks, trilling hi-hats and tough snares. Atop this, a deep growling sub bass is ported from the original track, percolating amid the drum work to fill out the bottom end. Material from Caffeine’s original feels sparsely but effectively employed as a complex arpeggio pattern of glitching frog calls find itself situated within the mix as an elongated and melancholic cry, cutting through the arrangement.

The Birth of Ya EP is out September 8th on French Press Lounge – pre-order the vinyl here.

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