Ever-present, freestyle seems to have been written into the very fabric of the club scenes germinating within and between ’80s New York, Miami and San Francisco. Often called ‘electro freestyle’ or even simply just ‘Latin’ during its height of popularity, it emerged in the post-Planet Rock era to combine the edgy breaker rhythms of hip-hop and and the languishing sentimentality of Latinx love songs into an unstoppable dance phenomenon.

Here in the new millennium, we see freestyle’s influence and legacy bubble up from its roots and filtered through the European school of EBM and techno courtesy of Bueno Aires-based producer Cándido. Landing a coveted B-side spot on the latest from Benoit B‘s trusty Banlieue imprint, this tune is a welcome addition to any fan of the “TR-707-meets-Sega-Genesis-In-A-Dungeon” genre – think big drums, misty monk pads and a slick warehouse goth-approved baseline with plenty of side stick in the mix to keep it crispy. Perfect for getting stuck in Labyrinth Zone to (leather suit optional).

The Dupla Rítmica EP is out October 14th on Banlieue Records – pre-order here.

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