Carcass Identity is the union of Brussels-based duo Ernesto Gonzalez, AKA Bear Bones, Lay Low, and Matthieu Levet, AKA Carrageenan. Where the former built a reputation on lysergic melters, the latter peddles a brand of industrial-tinged weirdo dub, and it was on a 2018 debut for Random Numbers that these styles would first coalesce.

Set to return on Glasgow’s Phase Group label, a new eponymous album conjures dubby, tripped-out mutations from a series of live hardware jams. This is particularly apparent on A2 cut ‘Spiralling Paradigm’, where slow, EBM-esque chug accelerates into an intense climax of hypnotic polyrhythm. Tailor-made for inducing trance states on the dancefloor.

Carcass Identity is out February 28th on Phase Group | Pre-order here

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