At the tail end of 2015, a Glaswegian label called Craigie Knowes launched with a compilation that saw all proceeds going to a charity working to protect children in war-torn countries. Backed up by a tracklist that read like a who’s who of house and techno – and yes, the compilation really did feature a track by Move D and Gerd Jansen entitled ‘Taps Aff For Glasgow’ – it served as an immensely successful unveiling for the Scottish imprint, and all for an incredibly worthy cause. Now they’re back, and they’ve got Carl “Flash” Finlow in tow.

A one-time collaborator of 20:20 Vision’s Ralph Lawson and Dominic Capello of Sub Club fame, Finlow recently woke from a 2 year slumber to serve up two 12″s of icy electro. The second of those releases arrives on Monday via Craigie Knowes, but it’s the clever arrangements and intelligent, absorbing sound design of A2 cut ‘Boron’ that really caught our attention. Hitting like a blunt object to the side of the head, it’s razor-edged electro for low ceilinged, gloomy spaces. Finlow’s motorik-style electro rhythms and soaring synths drive through proceedings like 100mph polar winds through the Scottish highlands. Time to batten down the hatches and put a strobe light on!

The Beckoned EP is out via Craigie Knowes on June 25th – pre-order the vinyl here.

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