Carl Finlow’s quiet resurgence can’t be pinned down to a drastic change in style or specific release – if anything, there’s a newfound appreciation for what the British producer has been doing consistently for so many years. The 20:20 Vision co-founder has been around the block, but prior to the recent slew of releases on labels like Central Processing Unit and Craigie Knowes, his might have been a name you were only familiar with had you properly immersed yourself in the cybernetic world of electro. Now returning to the latter with a masterful effort, the Boolean EP finds an under-appreciated talent at his very best.

Where the A-side plays like extraterrestrial signals picked up by the comms on Finlow’s vessel, B1’s ‘Marauders’ is closer to resembling first contact with a volatile host. Comparatively inhospitable, in the absence of any real warmth, the mechanised funk that’s often so integral to electro takes centre stage. It seems that no matter how ominous or melancholy the soundscape, executed properly and it’s a genre which rarely fails to generate some kinetic energy on the dancefloor.

The Boolean EP is out November 16th on Craigie Knowes – pre-order the vinyl here.

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