How the character and ethos of both surf rock and dub reggae have found a home in nearly every corner of the music listening world is a truly curious thing. Spread and expounded upon since the halcyon days of Dick Dale’s wet tremolo picking and throughout the sticky instrumental experiments the likes of King Tubby, surf and dub scenes are flourishing in modern day Japan, Thailand, London, South America and now apparently Kiev, Ukraine.

Arriving on a cozy 10” vinyl via aural archaeologists Muscut comes a small batch of Eastern European tiki bar sonics, courtesy of all-girl trio, Chillera. Pro Fun is that shaded mixture of laid-back beach funk and blunted B-side shimmer that invites images of a sunny poolside retreat, but could just as easily be played into the late hours of the evening in any casual backroom chill out sesh.

‘Koblevsk A.R.’ follows the easy path towards shore: hazy, meandering; stopping on a sand dune to catch a glimpse of what could be a vessel on the horizon or perhaps simply a spot on your sunglasses. More a loose jam than a solid skank and a familiar memory coming into focus. Prime material for the reflective and unbothered person.

Pro Fun is out September 20th on Muscut – pre-order here.

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