Exhilarating jungle percussion accelerates you on a tempered manhunt through the back streets of Brazil. Trippy vocals samples, building keys and bass intensify your chase after the armed bandit, who’s shots ring out ahead before your partner gets tragically caught up up in the crossfire. As each layer is distorted and mixed out into silence, an echoing vocal sample and pulsating gunshot further escalate the chase through the bustling streets. In the midst of a flutter of colour and bodies, you keep your eyes peeled on the culprit every step of the way, fighting your way through the crowd. In a reprise of rhythmic jungle percussion, synth and bass flow before the fugitive makes his escape over a low mountain range ahead.

Mysterious Brazilian producer CoastDream is the mastermind behind the ravaging half-time jungle cut, ‘La Esperanza’. It arrives on London-based imprint X-Kalay – a label that’s been busy fortifying its status as a standout purveyor of electronic music since late 2015 – taking up the B2 slot on Soft Moon, a 4 track EP set for release later this month.

Soft Moon is out April 7th on X-Kalay – pre-order the vinyl here.

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