Of all Bjarki‘s projects, Cucumb45 finds him at his most outlandish. Though enjoying an occasional toe dip under his primary alias, that pseudonym throws itself headfirst into IDM waters with something approaching reckless abandon. Mutant as ever, turbulent as you’d expect and set for release on bbbbbbSlother EP1 Lyf og bið að heilsa doesn’t buck any trends.

‘Crying Indian and Laser Horse’ is the hellish techno onslaught with a sombre side. With anguished atmospherics that are all the more unnerving for it, the penultimate chapter in this deranged journey dials down the silliness somewhat. A curveball on this breakbeat-driven EP, it’s anarchic, absurd and fun all the same.

Slother EP1 Lyf og bið að heilsa is out November 22nd on bbbbbb – pre-order here

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