Glory in battle, honour in death. As if shrouded in an orchestra of blade and horn wielding yōkai, Antinote mainstay D.K. delivers his third and final blow. A darker more driving chapter for the often light and Balearic-leaning Parisian, the Rising EP brings his recent trilogy of releases for the Parisian label to a close.

If ever there were an Italo rave in King Arthur’s court, or a particularly cinematic clash during Noubunaga’s conquest of feudal Japan, ‘Storm of Swords’ would be heard blasting from atop the bastions. A fine-tuned fusion of EBM, new beat and Euro rave signifiers misted by bell tones and a distant shakuhachi, the fog of war cracks open with every snare hit and urges the warrior onward through a fatal forest of steel.

To live by the blade is to die by the blade, never to default the code of Bushido or defy one’s sacred quest for peace, enlightenment and justice.

The Rising EP is out December 4th on Antinote – pre-order here

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