The Land of Dance has no borders. Fuck that Donald Trump shit – we’re not about putting up walls either. Whether focusing on the freedom of movement between adjoining nations or a metaphor intended to represent a record label’s broad music policy, we can get behind it. Arriving with endorsement from ghetto house pioneer DJ Deeon and backed by a supporting cast of Seixlack, Andrew Red Hand and D’Marc Cantu, Da GobliNN is the latest to enter the LOD with a raw, unbridled debut.

Today we’ve turned our attention to the D’Marc Cantu rework, where Da GobliNN’s elasticated original has been transformed into a slice of tightly-wound acid techno. Working like a giant hammer over a proper system, the acid line simmers beneath the surface while volleys of cymbal and drum slam in perfect synergy. It occasionally threatens to lurch into a frenetic cacophony, but the Crème Organization regular channels any seemingly irrepressible energy into his finely tuned arrangement. Seems like there’s order to be found among the chaos after all.

Da Magik is out now – buy the vinyl from Juno or Clone.

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