Every moment spent browsing the Death Qualia Soundcloud page is a challenging one. Purveyor of the wilfully unlistenable and punishing, Jonathan Baruc’s current guise blurs the lines between maximalist rave tropes and nightmarish sound design. Spoilt, soiled and unflinching, his caustic distillations of noise and speedcore are intentionally perverse.

Place side by side with earlier creations, ‘Affordable Kill’ is comparatively softened, comparatively being the crucial word. Lifted from a various artists release on Gaul Plus‘ Broken Call Records, the opening stages might offer pensive moments and even a trace of melody, but it’s all engulfed by the approaching maelstrom: fetid squalls of noise, metallic clanging like the ringing of iron on a battlefield and turbulent, violent FX, this one has it all.

Overgrown Arena is out now on Broken Call Records – buy the vinyl here.

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