DJ Guy’s late career bloom almost seems improbable, not simply because his reemergence has occurred so long after he first began producing music, but also because his productions do feel so fresh, so in keeping with contemporary currents in electronic music. Perhaps this says something about the state of the scene – an obsession with the past, at the expense of new developments – and yet when the music sound this good, who are we to complain? Incoming via Exotic Robotics, the sounds on Archived Tapes 1993​-​2017 span a quarter of a century, and tracks from the early ’90s sit comfortably alongside music produced more recently, each holding their own despite not being ordered chronologically.

‘07 SEQ 2014 OCT 2nd’ is one of the most recent productions on the compilation – four years old almost to the day at the time of writing – yet it’s multi-layered approach certainly displays the influence of the 1990s: there is the pleasant-yet-eerie springtime ambience that recalls Boards of Canada, snares and claps and arpeggios that draw from electro, an amen break and patois vocal sample, and a dubbed out finale. Taken together these elements create something blissful but also potentially paranoiac, reminiscent of one of those heady summer days that feel every so slightly unreal. It would also undoubtedly go off D. Tiffany / DJ Zozi or RAMZi set, suggesting a hidden connection between ’90s Cardiff and contemporary Vancouver.

Archived Tapes 1993-2017 is out now on Exotic Robotics – buy it direct from the label.

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