The Hague: home to the U.N.’s International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court, and arguably the heart of electro in Europe. For decades acts in the city have been churning out tracks with a sound every bit as identifiable as other regionally specific scenes, whether Detroit Techno or grime: equal parts fun and dark, drawing on everything from Italo disco, questionable europop, and early 80s hip hop. DJ Overdose is a veteran of a scene that also produced Legowelt and I-F, the latter a frequent collaborator, and has released on labels including Berceuse Heroique, Viewlexx and LIES.

‘Your Royal Weirdness’ appears on Mindstorms, Overdose’s first outing for Glasgow label, Craigie Knowes. A deceptively simple (but effective) slice of straight-up electro that veers on the eerie side, it’s like a light night drive through a cybernetic city with a potentially dodgy taxi driver.

The Mindstorms EP is out August 7th on Craigie Knowes – pre-order in vinyl here and digital format.

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