No strangers to working together, DJ Overdose and DJ Technician are two of the Netherlands’ foremost exponents of modern electro. The slogan for their new RotterHague Records imprint, “when cities collide” denotes a pooling together of the musical talents and rich dance music histories of Rotterdam and The Hague, and committed to releasing “electro music in all it’s forms,” a split 4-tracker from the duo inaugurates the label like a statement of intent. 

Whilst connected by electro sensibilities, this is a game of two halves: Overdose celebrates the Dutch tradition of electro made famous by the Hague-based Bunker and Viewlexx labels, while DJ Technician’s closer draws on influences from further afield. Weaponised with 808 cowbell, truncated vocals and a thunderous kick and bass combo, ‘Je Weet Toch’ arrives saturated in the tones of Jersey Club.

RHR001 is out on February 19th on RotterHague Records – pre-order the vinyl here.

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