Here it is, next heat from Spekki Webu’s Mirror Zone. Hot on the heels of that Memphis repress (which shifted so quickly), MZ002 comes from one of the brains behind CandombléDJ Ungel – three new tracks which meld meditative ambient dub, mystic breakbeat and shamanic acid, with gated rolling mantras echoing through deep fractal wells of rhythmic pan-consciousness. But there’s a directness in the percussion which is perhaps more Drexciyan/Convextion than simply Artificial Intelligence, with moments of hard edged pressure driving us away from complacency.

‘Transpirits’ lies in wait at the tail-end of the record; truculent from the start, we’re pulled through the undergrowth of a lost city, the chattering, hushed moans echoing from everywhere, before stumbling and falling headfirst into some kind of wide psychic vortex. It’s bright, tough energy for deep in the dance. Obviously Mirror Zone is worth keeping an eye on, and this is guaranteed to go quickly so it’s worth picking up ASAP.

Transpirits is out September 28th on Mirror Zone – pre-order the vinyl here.

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