Artists just keep coming back to Antinote. This time, it’s Parisian native D.K. whose second EP in just over a month goes some way in solidifying his status on the dance floor after a lengthy absence. Dangkhoa Chau returns to Antinote with a triptych of pure nightclub cinematography, testament to the expansive taste and trust of label boss Zaltan.

D.K.’s sixth outing for the label, Riding For A Fall nestles snuggly in the wake of his last release. Yet, where February’s Mystic Warrior indulged a little in nostalgia, this EP is a much more polished affair. The more melancholic tone lends the record a maturity which frames the French producer’s continuing flirtation with East Asian tropes as a narrative, while its club-focused poise delivers enough drive to prevent it becoming kitsch.

Our choice cut is ‘Riding For A Fall’, a housey post-club fable. With evocative woodwind synths and a whipping bamboo snare, D.K. conjures the wandering avatar of the Rōnin. Here, rising flutes and distant percussion belie an unusually dense atmosphere that does well to invert the stereotype. As the occasional injections of woozy pads and pleasingly off-kilter bells reveal, this is a world crafted with technique rather than pastiche. In the background, coals sizzle, birds call, and cicada rustle, evaporating some of the tension with delicate ambient layering that leaves space for us to enjoy his drifting melodies and playful production. Towards the end, as if on cue, rifle claps shatter the dream-woven odyssey, and foreshadow a darker end to this Edo era trilogy. With the third instalment on the way, Riding For A Fall is a magnetic teaser that leaves us scrying for our hero’s denouement, just beyond a misty horizon.

Riding For A Fall is out May 6th on Antinote – pre-order direct from the label.

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