Best known for appearances on cassette label Trumpett with industrial four-piece Doxa Sinistra and new wave outfit Ende Shneafliet, Dutch DIY luminary Hanjo Erkamp also rolled solo under the name Dr. C. Stein. Recorded in the 1980s when Erkamp was at his most active, much of that material actually remained unreleased before the turn of the century, finally materialising on Trumpett as a pair of long-players in 2006 and 2007.

Turn the clock forward to 2017 and Doxa Sinistra and Ende Shneafliet still receive plenty of rotation from adventurous DJs far and wide but the C. Stein output is criminally overlooked. Thankfully, Artificial Dance agree with the sentiment and following Job Sfire’s hypnotic debut, the fledgling label has mined Erkamp’s back catalogue for the celestial proto-techno of ‘La Bombe Plastique’. Accompanying the original recording also comes a DJ-friendly re-edit, slowing the tightly-coiled rhythms down until it’s transformed into hazy reverie where vapour-trail synths and ethereal French vocals stretch out over the track’s spongy expanse.

La Bomb Plastique is out January 17th on Artificial Dance – pre-order the vinyl here.

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