Since its inaugural release in 2015, edit label Bahnsteig 23 has explored the limits of (re)creation within the deep-rooted soundscape of 1980s, joining the dots between EBM, Italo, Krautrock and the world beyond. The drippy skull aesthetic has become synonymous with music made for oddballs; by oddballs.

BAH049, which drops at the end of the year, sees label stalwart Dunkeltier releases his first full EP under the alias in 3 years. Over the past few years the Dresden-based artist, who also works as Sneaker DJ and belongs to the Uncanny Valley collective, has amassed an impressive discography of obscure Italo, new wave and minimal-synth gems.

Dunkeltier closes BAH049 with ‘The Blade’, a melancholic post-punk jangle which is perhaps the nicest and most unanticipated moment on the EP. The track is punctuated by raw semi-spoken vocals which give us an absurdly warm, yet downtempo narration. With patient, stabby drums creating a spacious backdrop for the guitar hook, ‘The Blade’s end result is something of a distorted dreamscape and occupied nostalgia.

BAH049 is out December 31st on Bahnsteig 23 – pre-order direct from the label.

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