London’s Kit Records rekindle their summer romance with SWIMS (an ambient arm of Cold Blow) for another dive into the pristine blue.

Submitted for your consideration: defunct apparatus, spinning flawed solutions to musical enigmas; an anarchic dialogue between soul and circuitry, yielding fractal wonders which glimmer in long-forgotten recesses. The Electric Capablanca presents the analogue musings of a once-vaunted lifestyle product, left to dream and degrade in the Sicilian sun. Nine tracks of mid-century computation recall lost coffee house betas, hewn from resinous layers of teak-oiled antiquity. Turn the creaking dials to expose splinters of Italian midi classical (Venosta, Musci), ambient lineages of mitteleuropa (Froese, Popol Vuh) and spiritual mathematics from the old New World (Spiegel, Hassell, Riley).

‘Capablanca Spin’ is awash with stochastic Balearica: 5 minutes of teeming chords sustained by a cyberpastoralist choir of chirrups and squeaks. Amidst this gentle, android hum, the throes of summer are rendered in soft focus, blunting the sharp edges of August’s light and miring the listener in low-grade euphoria. By turns, both languid and cinematic, the track captures sun-drenched idylls through the machined plane of a metallised lens.

Puzzles & Studies is out September 13th on Kit Records / SWIMS – pre-order here.

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