Scanning the surface as it prepares to land, the Starship Europa slowly descends onto the face of the Red Planet. Donning a spacesuit, the starry-eyed traveller sets off across the dusty terrain in his planetary rover. Solar flares and shooting stars light up the burnt yellow sky as the rover kicks up dust, careering through the canyons and giant craters of Mars. No sign of intelligent life, but a burning desire to explore these uncharted expanses urges him on.

Making his debut with a star-gazing 12″ via Forest Jams, Camp Cosmic disciple Elleorde is the starry-eyed traveller in question. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Michael Rother, Dieter Moebius and Ralf Hütter, today’s premiere is marked with a strong sense of kosmische-style optimism. The synth palette is straight out of the space age, Elleorde channelling his inner Vangelis as he fires laser beams across the horizon.

Open Wide And Eat The Future is out in early October – the 12″ will be available worldwide soon but US residents can pre-order from Pacific Beach.

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