“[…] but what about when labour has no surplus, and work is for works sake, turning up, correcting computers, filling in the gaps” reads the reverse of Wutai‘s record sleeve. Setting a sober tone for the sophomore release from OK SPIRIT, the EP itself promises cerebral reflections “on nine-to-five dilemmas,” touching on the tensions between the economy, creation and freedom in relation to music and life.

Wutai is built around four minimalistic dub jams from Employee, a lesser known, nouveau-dread alias of Berlin musician, DJ and apparent “n64-games aficionado,” Max Graef. Also harbouring DJ Neewt‘s psycho-synthetic reinterpretation, the label co-founder deviates from those roiling leftfield drums found strewn throughout the grooves of OSK001 to deliver (for the synesthetes among us) a rasping simulacrum of dystopian landscapes, bathed in Ridley reds and greys.

Wutai is out December 6th on OK SPIRIT – pre-order here

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