Our pals at Mega Metal have assembled a taut, lithe, essential compilation. Drawing deep from disparate pockets of ascendant metallurgists – from local London familia to further afield, Iceland to Hong Kong – the tracks gloam and contort, gleaming like the sheen on coal.

Unrepentant, we’re brought before fractious swooping electronics that fizz and bloom before dissolving into pixel rain, concealing fucked, off-kilter rhythms that are slow to take hold. A cool mess which writhes into and out of calculated view, elemental, too strong to be bound. Interspersed amongst are gentler moments which take a longer gaze, borne of calm wonder and thought, but still off centre and complicated.

We’re looking at the powerful ‘Insect’. It’s Endless Mow, the probably London producer with that lovely Possession Chamber release on All Centre about a year back. A rung laser, the circuit bent call to arms, is met by the rising jittery glitched vocal, chopped ‘n’ squeezed guttural groans and rasps stirring up into preemptive frenzy. Tension stacks, precarious, locked only by a gossamer scaffold before unfolding into caustic polyrhythm. Precision bass stabs interweave with the chattering vox and wind up into another multi-story precarity before spilling over, chucking out a chopped chattering breakbeat over plunging bass glides which tumble out of a fucked whip. Echoes ping the background, up and ebbing, nearly softening the lash – but it’s still a glitch brute, pummelling even in sorrow.

The whole release is full of fine details with a hard edge. An excellent debut, with 100% of sales on Friday July 3rd earmarked for Black Minds Matter and the Stephen Lawrence Trust. Donate, support, share.

dis​/​mm​-​di01 is out now on Mega Metal | Buy it here

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