Revisiting Erell Ranson‘s 2017 release, Hand in Hand, Amsterdam imprint Kalahari Oyster Cult have tasked Pariah, DJ Normal 4 and Sued boss SW to deliver remixes of the original tracks ‘If We Never Try’ and ‘Hand in Hand’. Overall, the release is a warm and absorbing dreamscape that ages like a fine wine with every listen.

Pariah, AKA Arthur Cayzer, known for his work during the dubstep diaspora – or “post-dubstep dubstep,” as reviews circa 2010 would call it – resurfaced this year after a six-year respite from releasing music. His remix of ‘Hand in Hand’ takes a turn to a more submerged, questioning tone not too dissimilar to the ambient album he released earlier this year, Here From Where We Are. It’s is an alternate abstracted reality to the optimistic original, washing over you as if being engulfed by a woozy ocean of new possibilities, with metallic pads, chimes, the distant call of seabirds and the mediative mumble of a far away motor.

Hand in Hand (The Remixes) is out December 15th on Kalahari Oyster Cult – pre-order direct from the label.

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