The Detroit producer’s first EP since 2004, London-based label Undersound Recordings have found themselves delivering some new Erotek material. The aptly titled Paranoid Theatrics of the Electronic Kind EP consists of four cuts, half of which are brand new sonic excursions, the other two being archived gems, first recorded in the latter stages of the ’90s.

With its guttural, acidic onslaught, ‘This I Know’ proves to be a modern take on Erotek’s notable pre-occupation with ghettotek music. It bears all the hallmarks of a scabrous Detroit production: hypnotic rhythm, electrical nuance, instantaneous appeal, and so on – whilst it doesn’t diverge from its central path too much, listeners are treated to a highly functional cut right from the off. This will mainline into any dance floor with no delay whatsoever – a shining example of why it’s great to have Erotek back in our ears.

The Paranoid Theatrics of the Electronic Kind EP is out June 15th on Undersound Recordings – pre-order the vinyl here.

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