With an unwavering commitment to peddling contemporary wave and industrial-influenced music alongside the occasional retrospective or reissue, Mannequin Records have been “spreading cold waves since 2008”. Focused towards a kinetic and tightly coiled sound that never loses sight of the dancefloor, the label helmed by Alessandro Adriani recently kickstarted a new series entitled ‘Death of the Machines’. Now it’s time for Hamburg-based duo Fallbeil (Wosto and Kluentah) to step up, rolling out some machine-driven electro, complete with an industrial turn as Innsyter (AKA Fernando Seixlack) provides the remix.

Harshly edged and unforgiving, title track ‘The Healer’ conjures all manner of sinister sonics over its 9 minute duration. Searing 303s run white hot and caustic atmospheres thicken and intensify with ominous growls of overdriven bass and distorted vocal transmissions. Drums increase in ferocity, evolving from stripped-back and skeletal to aggressive and unrelenting, thrashing violently as the track reaches its apex. Something that stands out is the clarity of the mix: elements that might be cumbersome or cacophonous are easily heard, all the while managing to retain Fallbeil’s intended menace.

The Healer is out February 13th on Mannequin Records – pre-order the vinyl here.

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