Across the pond, on the periphery of the US West Coast (about as far as you can go until you run out of Western Hemisphere), Seattle’s Vivid Recordings are quickly gaining a reputation as a buy-on-sight label for junglists and DnB headz alike. An unlikely locale for the genre, cascadian jungle has been well and truly mapped with four seminally shaded slabs of old skool-cum-contemporary releases in under two years. They look set to continue in the same vein with VIVR05, courtesy of fellow Seattleite and label co-founder, Farquaad.

A varied EP punctuated with moments of elevated ecstasy and anxiety-inducing atmospherics, Brunswick 2000 (re)creates the magic of the jungle heyday through a dextrous dialogue with its original soundscape, albeit with a Pacific Northwest favour. ‘Track 3’ represents a shadowy moment on the release. Punctuated in places by dark-dubby breakdowns and forbidding air, the bite of snares induce the track with a creeping solemnity. With its forward-thinking elements and skilful execution, Track 3 is a postmodern odyssey of club-ready drum & bass.

The Brunswick 2000 EP is out August 16th on Vivid Recordings – pre-order here.

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