Strange things happen in the limbo between waking and sleeping. As your mind pushes and pulls between eyes wide open and eyes wide shut, familiar figures enter your consciousness, interrupting the narrative of your reality and the one we share when we dream. The past is the present as the future looks back to the past for guidance. 

Enter ‘Flight Mode’, a pack of analog daydreams from Fede Lng on his own Axe On Wax  imprint. Tied down with full-bodied drum machines, it’s supplemented with remixes by two of the keenest producers at the moment in Yu Su and Toronto’s Ciel.

A decidedly utilitarian REM sequence, Ciel’s ‘Smoking Gun Remix’ reworks ‘Lyra’ into a blossoming bass kaleidoscope of rave signifiers and lush landscapes. Atop a bed of clouded pads and formant emissions we are witness to breaks, vocal hits and arpeggios that rise and bend in and around the foundation of the kick and snare. Blunted 2-step rhythms are dragged through a flowerbed of incense cones and purple orchids. For those on the liminal drift not quite ready to deal with the living.

Flight Mode is out August 26th on Axe On Wax – pre-order here.

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