Slagwerk have proven themselves a versatile emergent of the experimental scene, living up to the scope of their self-designated aesthetic range since 2017. Swinging between veritable rock of ‘metamodern internet-culture’ and the bonafide hard-place of ‘strikingly metallic club environments’, their parties have featured the likes of Air Max ’97, Ssaliva, M.E.S.H. and Amnesia Scanner. In the rests between the beats, you can find the Slagwerk hive mind surreptitiously pumping out a viscous catalogue of exploratory, sonic ferrofluid into their back catalogue.

As always teeming with their signature, ornately vascular, Pollock-cum-Dali inspired artwork, the next brain to drain into Slagwerk’s arterial roadmap of releases is Colorado-based producer French Kettle Station (also seen as DJ FRESH KILL, or Luke Thinnes to his mates). Spotted on lineups alongside the great ’80s pioneer John Bender, this enigmatic libertine summons compositional control on Spirit Mode‘s penultimate cut, ‘The Gate’. Thinnes texturises a scene of serenity with titanium hiss and pearlescent synth work, culminating in dramatic fashion with a bubble-gum crescendo of ricocheting IDM braindance.

Spirit Mode is out soon on Slagwerk | Pre-order here

Artwork by Gapi & Sam Evers.

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