Trading in electronic curiosities of antipodean origin from their base in Sydney, Ken Oath Records are gearing up to drop another record. As far as we can tell, all of the music released by the label so far has come from their hometown or nearby Melbourne, but the latest takes them to the cosmopolitan coastal city of Adelaide, home of Furious Frank. Less than a year old but already racking up the releases, this will be the fifth, and what better way to celebrate reaching that landmark than releasing five tracks named after the artist’s favourite spots for picking psychotropic fungi. Sporting luminescent synth tendrils and a zigzagging electro bassline, B3’s ‘Woorabinda Reserve’ doesn’t exactly conjure images of a bushland nature reserve teaming with wildlife. With its ominous vocal, it feels closer to resembling what it might be like to explore a place of outstanding natural beauty under the mind-altering influence of psilocybin.

KEN005 is out October 12th on Ken Oath Records – pre-order the vinyl here.

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