Tram Planet throw out more charge from Nashville, Tennessee, with a new cassette built by two of its three board members.

Future DZ, or the lads DZee and Jaundice as they’re known to the government, follow the recent Locked CLUB/RLGN TP release with an engorged slab of heavy, rough electro made lighter for its trippy weirdness.

The wonky, thumping, breaks-laced rhythm of ‘Mushroom Pill’ bashes along, ceaseless and messy, heavy beneath a fine layer of tape static; snatches of warped vocals, a prominent wanton snare and twinkling synth motif caught short alleviating the dark. Much of the release stays close to this, or ducks into the terrain of industrial acid creaker ‘Slim Fast Slimmin’ – it’s rude and unfettered, a hard weight similar to massive gears shifting, yet still smirks with Detroit sass.

Our track, the modestly-titled ‘Worst Drum Solo Ever’, begins with dry rasping harmonics which hang in suspense, almost hinting at the potential of something trancey. The sheen of distortion, the soft static coat running over the track pushes that trip away with an urgency, dissonance, tension. And soon enough it’s plunging off the trodden path, in the dark, rolling downhill through the bush, into a river and over a waterfall, the strained guitar and tightly arpegiatting, oscillating synths ringing like a tense, less fun Underworld track.

The release has been refined in a basement full of big-time tape experiment, joyful in its psychosis, its gating drum machines, its dripping, surging, acid bassline synths. Good stuff, artwork for the tape is wicked too.

The Splint Mask EP is out July 25th on Tram Planet Records – pre-order direct from the label.

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