Is it surprising the Die Orakel back catalogue seems to breathe an all-enveloping mysticism? With a name that literally translates to “The Oracles”, probably not. Unsettling dancefloors with the murky and eerie, label founder and former Robert Johnson artistic director Oliver Hafenbauer has cultivated a sound best typified by the latest offering.

Gacha Bakradze‘s ominous, cinematic panoramas are right at home on the Frankfurt label, but shifting focus between electro and IDM, the A-side feels like an amuse-bouche for that 14-minute opus on the flip. Anchored with breakbeats and shrouded in quasi-mystical haze, ‘Inside’ is an exercise in the kind of dancefloor hypnosis associated with practitioners of tribal-leaning trance.

Western Arrogance is out August 14th on Die Orakel | Pre-order here

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