Earwiggle‘s Eel Behaviour series follows the tough, mechanised techno of Conger with an assortment of writhing/relentless electro flavours on second instalment, Moray. A giallo b-boy strut filled with nervous amphetamine dread and paranoid industrial urgency – with big acid bass and ticking hi-hats. The release features a prized contribution from revered electro practitioners the The Advent & Zein, matched in weight only by Umwelt’s buzzing and hefty ‘De-Extinction’ on the flip.

Mark Kastner, AKA Galaxian, trots out some much more agile and lightweight energy, taunting and sassy with wry confidence, it’s simple, at a glance brittle but toughens up as it goes. Punchy, sparse drums and a washed-out, raspy motif provide the bones for Kastner to fuck about with, doubling and dropping beats and splashing new tones like colour. Gentle sci-fi floats in after half way – it’s not trying to scare you this one, which is welcome after the others. The Eel Behaviour series is celebrating the label reaching twenty releases – and why not. The records are all going to be mad colours with holographic stickers, and boast contributions from heavyweights like Giant Swan, Autumns, Jerome Hill and loads more.

Eel Behaviour: Moray is out November 15th on Earwiggle – pre-order direct from the label.

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