Setting the standard with those ayahuasca-fuelled expeditions on Blow In The Bag, the eponymous label from General Purpose, AKA Melbourne-based duo Salvador Ricardo and Len Leise, returns for its third outing. Just like its predecessors, the impending Also Known As Edits 12″ comes sporting material from the inner sanctum. As the title suggests though, it’s a batch of edits being committed to vinyl this time around.

Rumours of Len Leise being a clandestine Mark Barrott project firmly debunked, the International Feel artist and Balearic purveyor makes a couple of already sought-after edits available once again alongside unreleased efforts from Ricardo and their collaborative alias. It’s unclear what the source material is, or what might have been left on the cutting room floor – not that it really matters – but today, we turn our attention to the penultimate cut. A shamanic brew of pan pipe, rolling percussion and heady atmospherics, reaching for ‘Concerto de Chasse’ is a surefire way to incite a state of trance on the dancefloor.

Also Known As Edits is out March 23rd on General Purpose – pre-order the vinyl here.

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