Setting their stall out with 2012’s genre-bending Asemic Club, Georgia have since gained a reputation as experimental fusionists with something of a midas touch. Fusion has been central to most Georgia material; fusion between traditional and innovative technologies, between genres, even between the overarching aesthetics of each respective release. As kaleidoscopic and avant-garde as anything before it, their 15-track debut for Manchester label YOUTH continues the trend.

Eastern scales and tonalities recurring throughout, One Mind is largely indicative of the duo’s Chinatown surroundings – known as audio-visual storytellers, they process a myriad of outernational sounds into blurry dreamstates, almost as if under the spell of New York’s ethnic and cultural diversity. ‘Window 5’, for example, is sandwiched between plinky-plonk Gamelan melody and smudged digi-dancehall rhythm. With vocals sounding a bit like The Man from Another Place if he’d been performing shamanic rituals, this warped drum circle meditation is quintessentially Georgia.

One Mind is out now on YOUTH – pre-order here

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