The S.O.N.S canon swells with new bounty in a new collaboration with Seoul’s Pyramid Of Knowledge, AKA Serbey Gubka, whose releases on Braindance and Chi-Ching suggest a local connection (S.O.N.S is also rumoured to be based in the South Korean capital).

They’re careful to distinguish this sub-label from previous S.O.N.S records, specifying the lack of deep pads, epic chords, emotional breaks, sensitive ambient moments, introspective melodic techno, not to mention rainforest animal noise samples. Not that there’s anything wrong with these, but who wants to be typecast, innit?

Instead we’re brought a swatch of proggy psy-trance from “Georgio Celeste & The Cobra”, loaded with new mythos. It’s charged with kick rolls and hypnotic acid lines that roll like something deep from Fred Giannelli’s Telepathic Recordings or early Platipus. Big dimension-building in the tracks and context around it; loud flushes of guttural dark noise and nebulous enhancement, groaning and decaying around precise digital rhythm and locked-tight percussive detail. It winds up and breaks down – indistinguishable speech injects urgency, then more delicacy with digi-dotting and flickering synth motifs.

There’s a sci-fi (or psy-fi) mythos which contextualises the release; the artists are alleged to have met after Celeste’s spaceship crash landed on the Seylanide moon Terkaarg (from which the sub-label gets it’s name). It amplifies the metamodernism of the release, playing into the kitschiness shared by psy-trance and other proggy genres – if nothing else at least psychotropic wandering and cosmic/fantasy landscapes.

It’s nice, neuron-tickling and high energy. Dense with detail, good for dancing.

Tales From Terkaarg is out December 4th on Terkaarg Forges | Pre-order here

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