Intimations, the new series from A Colourful Storm, launches with the release of an intriguing compilation. I stumble and then I fall is a cabinet of curiosities, united by the cloak-and-dagger nature of the music found within: the tracks featured were recorded by established artists operating under newly-coined aliases; aliases that will likely remain obscured for the foreseeable future.

Breadcrumbs are left to help decipher who’s responsible in some instances, and in others, cards are kept close to the chest like the most clandestine of secrets. Our pick, from the mysterious Gwydir, leans into aesthetic arrangements of the medieval. Channelling Księżyc and Svitlana Nianio, the rousing, folk-tinged fusion of synth arrangement and haunting vocal establishes a sound unto itself.

I stumble and then I fall is out now on A Colourful Storm | Buy it here

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