From the label that gave us the curiously-titled compilations Dragged​-​Shed Impressions and Pimps Improvisations comes a new offering. That’s right, Lowlife Cartel have remerged from the proverbial wilderness for their first release in close to two years.

Intriguing as ever, Omnia Vanitas picks up where the boundary pushing imprint left off in 2018. With an experimental bent not normally found in lo-fi techno or Memphis rap, some artists featured put an interesting spin on otherwise familiar sounds. Elsewhere, If-Only favourites Buttechno and HAJJ can be found weaving their usual magic; the former with an exercise in sonic immersion, while Hajj’s emotionally wrought ‘Tru Man Cry’ applies misty-eyed melancholy to the UK jungle dynamics.

Omnia Vanitas is out November 13th on Lowlife Cartel | Pre-order here

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