Glasgow’s Concrete Cabin are back with another jaw-shattering dash from Hamilton Scalpel. The missive again comes through strained and heavy – urgent, xeroxed-to-fuck, flickering up the desolate grids locking the abandoned industrial estates beneath the charged ash clouds of Neurealm. More complex, switching rhythm and harder movement in the load here, desperate and dark.

Smashed corrugated tin and janky rattling edges fly around the incompressible warehouse-swallower of Cadzow Skrak, oily gaskets spitting out a pissed grime fragment as we surge cooly between unforgiving techno, half-cut dubstep, and clattering jungle hi’s and snares. The taut choppy breaks keep rolling us through Southern Cross Aerobatic team, massively restrained and cleaned up in comparison but still piled with tetchy anxiety. Two Bladed Spear Thistle rises like a shepard tone, waves of the dystopic amen and dark paranoia in the distorted samples and ticking rhythmic synth, submerged, just out of sight.

Our track is the titular ‘Airfoil’. Breathless and rolling, it’s got more trance energy in the drifting rotational melodic motif that dances up and down. Urged along by frenzied cymbals from the off, the stamping kicks and a whirling, thrumming bass lock in the chattering percussion under the synths like some hellish rave-carousel. It’s more reticent and kind of gentler than the other tracks – but not much. Hard like gritted teeth.

Hamilton Scalpel 2: Airfoil is out soon on Concrete Cabin

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