Co-founded by the multi-talented Heap and Ascending Waves affiliate Simon Heidemann, Neubau has kept true to its multi-faceted modus operandi, namely putting the focus on “emerging or unknown producers” and pushing a sound self-proclaimed by the label as “brutalism in music.”  Occupying a space where new industrial records are indistinguishable from that of bygone post-punk, the Vienna-based imprint always delivers. The rich vein of forms continues on the latest effort too, which also happens to be Heap’s solo debut following collaborations with Mr Ho and a slab of trance edits on the inimitable Berceuse Heroique.

The EP’s closing gambit, our premiere is a remix of of title track ‘Amore Propre’, courtesy of Berlin’s Sebastian Lee Philipp, AKA Die Wilde Jagd. Taking its name from of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s philosophical concept surrounding what it means to love yourself through the eyes of others, Lee Philipp flips the raw, electrified original. With a heavy dose of echo, trundling bass, ear-worm guitar and heady percussion, he takes us on a dusky, synthwave-fuelled flight through the subconscious.

The Amour Propre EP is out early April on Neubau – pre-order the vinyl here.

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