At its best, an ambient piece is not even there. Absent, ambiguous and fleeting it serves as an unobtrusive musical background to a pre undefined mood, space or glimmer in time. It evokes feeling or sensuous thought without tax on a listener’s mental faculty. Ambient music has the power to ask a thousand questions, answer none of them and still leave the listener with a wholly satisfying, conducive, yes.

‘Aerocentric Worlds’, flung at the top of the B of HypnobirdsA Brief Landing on the Earth’s Surface, is the crystallisation of this thought. A sumptuous deep dive into deep space exploration, it is made up of intrepid, searching oscillations, glacial static and quasi-percussive ticks. On each pass of the Red Planet’s sunny side the music swells, it loops into darkness and disintegrates as the signal is lost behind the mass of unknowing space. Out on Origin Peoples, we go boldly where no one has gone before while at the same time boldly go nowhere, suspended in weightless perpetual orbit.

A Brief Landing on the Earth’s Surface is out now on Origin Peoples – buy direct from the label.

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