INDEX:Records hope to trigger synesthetic experiences with their latest release. Saturated in “lazuline blueness” but suffused with “laser lemon,” the opener hints at clear skies; all bright-eyed and optimistic, it comes with extra bite courtesy of some razor-like breakbeat arrangements. On the flip, “pale pink” hues are indicative of a self-reflective, nostalgic melancholy, transmitting a poignant sense of longing through simmering acid line.

Both originals are the handiwork of Berlin-based artist Ike Zwanikken, but GOD69 of Low Budget Aliens can be found on remix duties. Propelling Ike’s A-side cut into uncharted territory, ominous electronics and breakcore freneticism engulf the subtle hues in a tempestuous deluge of drum and emotive synth.

INDEX​:​007 is out July 3rd on INDEX:Records | Pre-order here

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