The flourished J. Tripp – one half of the duo GEORGIA – has his first full solo release on experimental outfitters PLAQUE. The Bristol-based imprint’s fashioned play with gothic imagery runs steadily across a concisely brilliant and fresh discography, most of which is celebrated through the warmth-induced format of tape. The aptly-timed excitability brought about by J. Tripp’s Off-Peak Constant is a care-package filled optimism, hinting towards brighter days ahead.

After enjoying much success working with labels, such as YOUTH, Firecracker Recordings, and Good Morning Tapes, Justin Tripp clearly craves additional thrills through the passage of this nascent project, and the results evoke endless pondering as to what will follow on for the New Yorker, and for PLAQUE. The newly established topography coursing throughout is hard to define, and nowhere is this more apparent than ‘Tabor’. Pacing beatmanship and urban chaos are what spring to mind here. ‘Tabor’ rhymes with a sound and dynamism that characterises many of our favourite genres. Landing as no surprise, the production value is immense here.

Off​-​Peak Constant is out December 14th on PLAQUE | Pre-order here

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