klunk are becoming somewhat synonymous with the spectre of parties on offer pre-pandemic, and following an excellent debut, it should land as no real surprise that young Jabes is credited for two out the two releases on the London-based imprint. The binding agent within, an apparent healthy concoction of friendship and a shared love of music that sails through tightly knit group of nu-school talents. Nothing less.

The days may be getting shorter, the nights drawing in, but that seems to suit Jabes’ creative flow tenderly. Seamlessly climbing from strength to strength, klunk002 is arguably Jabes’ most mature and evolved work to date. Take your eyes off this young artist at your peril, or you run the risk of missing something god-damn special.

‘Clown Tool’ is a fire-breathing brain melter that lusts to be heard on big stack to a dazed crowd. The tightly fenestrated drum work amid an oceanic synth landscape evokes feelings of trauma related to taking an unknown quantity of psilocybin in wacky warehouse.

klunk002 is out now on klunk | Buy it here

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