The eclectic Lustpoderosa has woken from a lengthy slumber and she’s brought a fresh batch of treats. The mind-expanding sort of treats that lead you across uncharted horizons; places where there are two suns and rampant packs of coyotes howl at smouldering volcanos. Surveying the scene, you begin to wonder how long until that volcano erupts. Off-centre and shrill, the discordant electronics coalesce with darting acid lines, only increasing in ferocity as we reach its peak.

Whoever said that the calm comes before the storm clearly hasn’t ventured into Jack Pattern‘s ‘Abstract Resistance’. Wandering into a maelstrom of synth and drum, the frantic cacophony subsides as dramatically as it emerged, the dust settles and gleaming, new age pads transform the latter stages into a holistic experience. It’s a welcome moment of serenity before they dial the acid back up and the chaos resumes.

Zürich-based production trio Jack Pattern have raised the bar a little further, rolling out three tripped-out slabs of weirdo acid on the imprint that that deals exclusively in their own productions. It’s 14 months since we last heard from Lustpoderosa, but if the A2 cut is anything to go by, we’re hoping this marks the start of a busier spell for the label.

The Zapping Time EP is out on August 10th – pre-order the vinyl here.

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