Sporting surrealist artwork best described as something depicting the darkest throws of a bad acid trip – think Dalí meets Kandinsky during a Timothy Leary experiment gone awry – the sleeve for Jacques Satre’s Anatole Trance EP is vivid, striking and terrifying in equal measure. The handiwork of Lilas Cognet and Yann Damezin, it’s also indicative of the music contained inside, where lysergic atmospherics straddle a fine line between intoxicating and unnerving.

Materialising as the sophomore release on Worst Records, a label born out of Saint-Étienne’s experimentally-inclined Positive Education Festival, all three tracks contribute to Satre’s twisted, psychotropic-fuelled narrative. A deliberately disorientating affair, the druggy electronics of ‘Les Sirènes de Quiquandon’ stand in stark contrast to the rigid techno framework, EBM inspired timbre and the penetrating squall of that siren. It’s almost as if Satre wants listeners to vicariously experience some hellishly bad LSD experience he can’t seem to shake.

The Anatole Trance EP is out March 11th on Worst Records – pre-order the vinyl here.

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