Detroit’s Jared Wilson is back on Super Rhythm Trax, rolling out 4 fat slabs of acid house that will take any room by storm. Following from recent offerings on the label from Matt Whitehead and Luca Lozano, Wilson’s release constitutes yet another stellar addition to the label’s already considerable output.

Flipside opener ‘Midnight On Ecorse Creek’ begins with low register warbling, draped over intervals of kick drum. Four-to-the-floor drum programming of kick, snare and hi-hat lays a solid foundation for the barrage of ideas that’s about to hit the listener. Staccato synths and TB303 acid synth tones weave in and out of the infrastructure. Rather than holding one refrain for the song’s duration Wilson ricochets from one idea to the next, fitting a surprising, and honestly refreshing amount of creativity into a small 4 minute window before finally settling on a final motif. A track that could easily be an EP for the sheer amount of content it houses.   

Midnight on Ecorse Creek is out March 7th on Super Rhythm Trax – pre-order the vinyl here.

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