Dennis McNany dusts off his Jee Day alias for a rare outing on San Francisco’s Public Release Records. McNany, known also for his music as ‘Museum of Love’ with LCD Soundsystem’s Pat Mahoney, is a nice fit for the label; sitting comfortably amongst the throwback boogie of Phil Gerus and the way-out Krautrock of EYE O, Amot Herga Laxy is markedly more patient than some of the other releases from the imprint, with standout roller ‘Communication Masterbation’ drawing together experimental, multi-stacked layers over an aloof, slow-burning chug.

The chilly disco bass loop glows into action instantly, settling into a low-rolling groove without so much as a bar’s introduction; it’s long-tripping motorik reared by the hand of NY’s Mudd Club; built of DFA’s punk-funk and the mutant house of Beats in Space, but baked in the Cali sun; here Can meets Shitrobot, Tangerine Dream meets the Juan Maclean. The humid, heavy, jangling of opener “Crocodile Tears”, or indeed the “Amot Dub”, which churns up the original into a dense, fuggy, percussionless haze – the unifying theme is far-out loop layering and a fascination with sampling, managing to keep a concise tone whilst tugging in different stylistic directions.

Public Release put out some fine synth-gazing records, however especially notable from this year is the sunshine euphoria of Earth Boys’ Trail Mix house 12”.

Amot Herga Laxy is out November 24th on Public Release – pre-order the vinyl here.

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