Standard Deviation‘s latest release serves as a microcosm of the Ukrainian scene. Intermission is a new 8-track compilation from the multi-disciplinary platform, an offshoot of Kiev’s ∄ club born out of the desire to encourage creative and cultural exchange between Ukraine and the broader global community.

Serving bleeding edge electronics and dancefloor ordinance, where fellow Ukrainian imprint Muscut focuses on the more introspective and explorative, these tracks exhibit another dimension to the local sound. Fiercely forward-facing, our pick comes courtesy of an artist whose output has drawn comparisons with the breakcore and flashcore of yesteryear, and it shows.

John Object‘s ‘500mg’ is maximalist in its juxtaposition of austere, angular structures and soaring, life-affirming strings. 1 part sentimental and 2 parts devastating, this is a bit-crushed exercise in club deconstruction.

Intermission is out now on Standard Deviation | Pre-order here

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