Yawning harmonics and languid chimes, a soft tape hiss and life is stirred into a warm, edgeless existence. Dislocated rhythms, pliable and fluid, a well met marriage of the soft, perfumed keys of a grand piano and ochre timpani toms struck and answered by synthetic, affected drums coated with uncompressed, shaggy-edged roughness and a Prophet-5 or MemoryMoog; digital keys slowly pulsing or longheld and soothing. Tranquil is hardly it, a weird, half-lit dawn-chorus of utopian neo-pastoral, of bells and metal birds.

Origin Peoples trace the evolution of Kerry Leimer’s pioneering, experimental canon with a beautiful clutch of tracks which amble between experimental kosmische sequences and tape loops and glowing ambient visions, demonstrated nicely for us here in ‘SHM’.

Mitteltöner is out January 26th on Origin Peoples – pre-order direct from the label.

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