Leeds-based party series and record label Space Ritual is back with a sophomore release, signing up four tracks by artists from Brighton, Leeds and Sweden respectively (Kalidasa, Zmatsusi, Tony Pineman & Tross). Tripped-out curiosities from beginning to end, it’s a fitting followup to Secret Nippers, the space-faring mini-album that Andrew Cole (Luv*Jam) and Ed Cox (In Fields) inaugurated the label with back in 2017. 

The byproduct of the imaginary band playing in Kalidasa‘s head, opener ‘KR1’ is an almost autobahn kraut-esque gem: drawn out in a slow, bassline-led build, synths are afforded the time to squeeze out subtle, albeit dream-like transitions throughout. Following half a decade out of the game, this slice of psych-come-dance rock marks a welcome return for the Tusk Wax, World Unknown and Magic Feet artist.

Various Lurkers is out March 30th on Space Ritual – pre-order the vinyl here.

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